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How Can Implants Cost Only $825?

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​​Implants can reverse years of teeth problems in a relatively short time.  Why wait any longer?

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400 Broad Street, Clifton, New Jersey 07011

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on Dental Implants

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The complete replacement of a missing tooth requires 3 services: the implant, plus a natural looking crown, and an abutment to attach the crown to the implant. Frequently, there are 2 dentist involved; who one places the implant, and another who makes the crown and abutment. Paying separately for the services of 2 dentists is costly. Because we render all 3 of the services, we can offer the implants to our patients at significantly reduced fees.

After an appropriate healing period of no less than two months, an abutment will be placed ($475) and, finally, a natural looking crown will be places ($1000). Payment is not due for each component until it is completed, generally several months after the implant is placed. When finally completed, the total cost for your complete case​ is now a low $2300.


Dr. Bob Dubman,D.D.S

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